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Central Otago is renowned world-wide for its summer fruit and Pinot Noir wines, but it is also becoming well-known for its high-quality olive oil, most of which is produced in the Cromwell area.

With a semi-Mediterranean climate, which sees very hot, dry summers and cold winters, the region is ideal for producing quality olive oil, with the olives harvested early to avoid frost damage.

This early harvest results in an olive oil flavour that is unique to Central Otago.
When we were introduced to Squeaky Hinge it was a stroke of luck because we had been looking for a local excellent quality olive oil to use. Not only does the quirky name sound great on the menu we can use it so simply to create stunning sauce just by adding a few olives, cherry tomatoes and basil. All the hard work has been done for us… GREAT! It has a really creamy balanced flavour, no bitterness and a green colour to die for. Highly recommended by all of us at Two Chefs Bistro.
Grant at Two Chefs Bistro
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